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Swiftek provides top-quality service to anyone who needs it, and may donate labor to non-profits, residents and small businesses. If you have a genuine need, please contact us to see if we can help.

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Want a web presence that's modern, professional and affordable? We can set you up with everything you need, including domain names, hosting, email @ your domains, databases, backups, security, visitor tracking, statistics and much more.

Joomla CMS Consulting & Development

"Joomla!" is a powerful, flexible, and free way to create and manage a sophisticated web site without any programming knowledge. We have worked with Joomla since its release, and know it inside and out. We are members of the Joomla project community, and offer complete support for Joomla, including:

New Computers -vs- Upgrades

Most buyers don't need a whole new computer, but big brands make more selling complete packages, so they work hard to foster some common myths and fears about "old" PCs. Here are the facts.

Computers are not difficult or expensive to maintain with good help. A wise consumer can save hundreds every year by repairing or upgrading only the parts that need it. Over time, your computer can evolve whenever and however you wish, keeping up with new technology without the expense, headache and waste of buying a new system, moving all your stuff, and getting it all setup the way you like.

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